Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Entrecard Partners to Bring you ALL AD FORMATS

In this evening, i've got mail from entrecard, it tells about the new partnership of ec the OIO Publisher it allows you to sell a grid of 125x125s, text links, blog reviews, inline ads and more, and ACCEPT EC as payment. This is perfect for anyone who wants to really start taking their blog to the next level, earning thousands of ECs and even cash for some of their ad spots! It's also perfect for anyone with a lot of credits to spend, unsure of what to spend them all on!

Link to Buy and Coupon Code
Since OIO is premium blogging software that sells your advertising for you, and because they never take a cut of your earnings, you pay an upfront, one-time fee to download and use their software. This price is typically $47, but they gave me a $17 coupon to cut your price to just $30.
Buy it here and use coupon code "entrecard" to knock $17 off the price!

Installing and using
OIO publisher works with Wordpress, Blogger, and all other blogging platforms. With Wordpress, it works as a plugin. With others, it installs on your site. So you must have some hosting to set it up on a server, even if the hosting is on a different server than your actual blog. If you aren't sure whether you have hosting or not, you probably don't, and thus can't use the service. Hosting is cheap, if your interested, only

When you're ready to install, make sure you download version 2.01 of OIO and then just read this help guide which explains how to setup the EC integration. Its quick, easy, and there are only a few steps involved.

Finding advertising with OIO and EC
OIO has a marketplace on their site, and within a day or so it will be updated to filter sites accepting EC. We will update everyone when this change has been put in place. Until then, you are free to leave messages on the Marketing forum.

...but wait! There's more (secret contests)!
Everyone who uses this link, with the coupon code "entrecard" to buy OIO publisher will automatically be entered to win a "Gold Standard" prize of 30,000 credits, an "Economy" prize of 15,000 credits, and one "US Economy" prize of 5000 Credits!

In addition, we're holding a contest to blog about it! Blog about our new partnership, and use our affiliate code to link to OIO, and enter to win a "PROBLOGGER" Prize of 30,000 credits, a "Semi-Pro Blogger" prize of 15,000 credits, and a "Blogette" prize of 5000 credits. Just make sure to post a link back to your published article in our blog. Our affiliate code must be the only link to the OIO site.

Three random winners are going to be lucky and get a boat load of credits to go on an OIO spending spree buying text links, blog reviews, monthly 125 ads, and more!

Follow up on the blog
As always, we have an article on the blog about all this. Share your thoughts and don't be shy! We want to hear from you!

You guys.. What is your thoughts about this mail i've got? In my opinion the OIO Publisher can really help us to earn thousands of credits and it also help us to take our blog to the higher level like me that i'm just a new blogger. Please share your thoughts about this in your blog.
Thank YOu guys for visiting me here guys.. *ciao*

Monday, September 29, 2008

mY trAffic rAnkings dEtailS has a traffic rank of: 5,940,513 users come from these countries

India 43.4%
Indonesia 25.4%
Philippines 3.3%
Singapore 1.6%
Others 26.2% traffic rank in other countries

Indonesia 102,100
Philippines 169,410
India 226,338
Singapore 289,281

Just wanna show to you guys my traffic rank at alexa. Hope this rank of mine would change next month. (hope so) :) Keep on visiting here guys and dropping by. I wanna thank you guys for visiting me here and for dropping up and adding me into your list. I appreaciate it. Goodnight.. *ciao*

Sunday, September 28, 2008

sUndAy is fAmily dAy

What we did in this day, early in the morning mom and my step father went to the wet market while my little sister surfing to the internet, she grab the oppurtunity to surf because she can only use the computer if she don't have class like fri. night, saturday, and sunday, and me? still sleeping, i woke up it's already 11am. hehehe When i woke up lunch is ready, then i take my breakfast and lunch after i do my job, dropping by to my friends in my blog roll.

For us sunday is family day, in the afternoon we went to church to attend a holy mass. Then after went to some mall here in davao to have a dinner with my 2 cousin and my aunt. We do a plan for my cousin's farewell party because he will go to abroad this coming first week of October. After dinner we do hopping in a moment then go home.

When we arrive at home here i go again sitting in my couch and do blogging.
That's our routine in sunday. Have a Blessed sunday to you guys. Goodnight! *ciao*

Friday, September 26, 2008

cAreEr wOrkshOp

I just want to share to you guys what i learned in the workshop i attended. Before i became a blogger, i'm a member of LDS ers career workshop. The main goal of the career workshop is to help to develop the skills we need to achieve in our career objective.

The first we discuss is

Coat of arms -> coat of arms is a part of the process of setting our career goals, we should assess ourself- what our strength, talents, interests, and values?
Creating a coat of arms will help us to answer these questions.

Set Career Goals -> we should set our career goals. Our long- term and short term goal. Sir Garnett told us we should remember that we are more likely to succeed if we will focus our efforts on one specific long-term goal. Some people think that looking for work in several different careers increases their chances of finding employment in one of them. But in reality, this kind of strategy prevents them from giving their full energy to one goal. Focusing on one long-term goal concentrates your energy.

Create "Me in 30 Seconds" Statements -> here in creating me in 30 seconds, we can use this statement when calling contacts or when interviewing to set yourself apart from other applicants. To prepare our "me in 30 secs." statement. We should review our coat of arms, what is interest, strength and values. I give you guys one example of making "me in 30 secs."

Ex. I'm trust worthy and hard working individual. I've worked as attendant / cashier at internet cafe for one and half year. I'm good in communication skills, by dealing with people, by satisfying the needs and wants of the customer. And as the result of that i increase our regular customer in the cafe.

That's my "me in 30 seconds". We do next, they teach us whats the correct attire to wear if we got a job interview, we made a new format of resume and application lettter. And lastly we do a practice interview just to review what we learned about the workshop. The career workshop is 2 days we do a lot of things, a lot of exercise, i just share to you guys the important details.

Good night guys.. Have a nice weekend... *ciao*

oUr new hOme sweEt hOme soOn

That's be our new house soon. A dream come true of my mom. If all the papers are fix hopefully by next month they will start to build our new home sweet home. We are so excited. I've a lot of pics to share, i want to show the inside of the house but i can't upload more pictures the auto save hang my pc. *sigh* too bad! I just update you guys by tomorrow or later i will try to upload more pictures.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dr. LOVE 2 D rescue again

This Love I Have Inside

I think i can no longer hide
whenever your at my side,
i feel like trembling inside

But i guess you never know
this feelings i've tried to show
your not even aware
of this love im willing to share

To you im just a fren nothing more
til the end but i dont want to prtend,
that for me ur only just a fren

This love that i tried to deny,
i think i can no longer defy
honestly it's hard for to tell
but this is what i really feel

How i wish u can see
how much u mean to me
hope this fantasy would become a reality

The writer of this love poem is my friend, He wrote it to someone he loved but he don't have the guts to tell the girl what she really feels he afraid, he might get hurt. So as "D Dr. love" he share it to me whats my opinion.

As "D Dr. love" so i said to him that, he should tell the girl what he really feels so he could stop hoping for nothing and how he will know the answers of his questions if he will not tell the girl about of his feelings. We don't know, what if the girl has a feeling too she just hiding inside right? and whatever will happen he should accept the reality it might hurt him thats the fact your not really meant to each other, accept it. At first it hurts a lot but time will heal the wound and you will find somebody else. As they say no need to rush when it comes to love. and it's right!

I hope my friend will follow what i said to him and i hope i helped him.

You guys what's your opinion about this?

your comments are highly appreciated. :)

Our differences

Me and my sister mary was lots of differences. Now at her age 10 year old she loves collecting barbies, barbies bags and pens, she loves to draw also and lastly she loves collecting books. Yes! I'ts true! She loves reading books a lot. That's her hobbies if she got tired playing to her PSP. Her books are 5 Nancy Drew, 4 Disney Girls books, 1 Goldie's Fortune, and 4 Rohan book company, she bought new book yesterday i don't know what is it and she's starting reading in her leisure time.

Me? i hate books. I don't have fun in reading books or collecting it. really! My collection are Backstreet boys tape & CD's, Shaggy or any RnB's music, pop, or love songs. Thats what i want.
I really love listening to music though music doesn't love me. :( how sad! I also love to play guitar though my guitar dont love me too. huhuh i can play flute and keyboard too. thats true! except on guitar, how hard i practice to play guitar but i really can't do. I got envious to my friends who's good in playing guitar.

In spite of that i can say that i'm good in computer, i've been working at the internet cafe for 1 1/2 of year as attendant there and i learned a lot. But i'm not expert in computer. *humble* :)

Our age gap of my sister is 15 years. Thats the reason we can't understand each other. Even though we've lots of diffrences we do love each other. really! I do love my sister. *ciao*

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Do you have a POOR breAst?

The greatest asset of a woman having a beautiful body. The most prominent attraction of men to a women is their beast. Unfortunately not all women are blessed for having big breast due to poor diet or hormonal imbalance which its stops the development of a woman's breast.

My aunt is one of those women. She got envious to the other women out there who has a big breast. She gots the look, firm body, got a nice voice, but she don't have a big breast. So when she went to the japan and when she came back here in our place we was shocked, we didn't recognized her everything has change.

We asked her what she take, and she said, she take an herbal supplement that she bought in japan one of her friends there are using also the herbal supplement then she tried it if its effective or not. This supplement her using helped to trigger the ovary in secreting the need estrogen for continues of the breast growth safe and natural way.

I therefore conclude that taking herbal supplement was the safer way than to under go into a surgery. it's a dangerous way. Am i right? So women outhere who wants to enhance your natural appeal and who has a poor breast there, take a herbal supplement now. It's proven safe and effective for the other women who had tried. :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

THere's a WAY

What a bad day! My mobile phone was broken the LCD got block but still ringing if you try to call me i can answer calls but i can't do calls and i can't read any messages i don't know whats the cause of this. huhuhu My mobile phone is the only way i can easy communicate into my partner but now its gone. What should i do right now? I want to tell my mom of what happened into my mobile but i have a fear of being scolded. I want to buy a new one but my money is not enough. It's really a bad day to me!!

But my partner has a solution in our situation right now. In smart buddy sim they have a new promo you can use your mobile phone by surfing to the internet, you can check your email, you can chat with your friends using yahoo messenger and you can update your friendster, facebook and many more. It's amazing right? You just need 25 load for unlichat. yeah!! It's COOL!! right?

You just need a mobile phone that can handle GPRS/3G/EDGE then download to UZZAP. So whats you waiting for change your sim to smart buddy and got UZZAP. hehehe me na me talaga.

Now me and my partner stil have a communication through chatting using her mobile phone and me using my laptop. hehehe
If there's a will there's a way. Am i right? You can do anything if you really love the person. Thats all for tonight. *ciao*

It's our special day 2day

I couldn't keep my face not to smile this day
As i wake up, the sun so bright shining into my window
Too many things to do, for this day is special
Wondering what magic would happen this day
I want it to keep it simple yet very special
A day we both won't forget and will cherish
Something romantic and something so sweet
Because this is our anniversary
I coudn't hide how much love i have for you
No denying my love for you is overflowing
And i hope this day would be mean so much to you
I Love You...
Today is our special day but we are far apart, i'm expecting we can celebrate our day together but cannot be and it hurts me now. I hope time will come we can celebrate our anniversary together. For the mean time we can be together through chatting in yahoo messenger, i can see you, your smile although it has a boundary i coudn't feel your warm embrace, i coudn't touch you. Eventhough we are apart i know your're just right there loving me and always there for me whatever happens. I miss you....

Saturday, September 20, 2008

D quAntity and quality

What happen early in this morning? was terrible! Our helper washed the dishes and she noticed that the faucet is a little bit broken already but she don't mind it when she close the faucet the water blows out our washstand is like a fountain and we got panic don't know what to do.

What we did. I went outside to off the main switch of the faucet but i cannot off don't know why our helper already cried because the water spread out to the floor and flooded to entire room. What i did i went into our neighborhood and ask for a help and my grand father who got panic also went to his friend and ask for a help also when his friend got inside in the house he was shocked then he suggest to buy a new faucet the chaeaper one, then i said to him why that faucet easy broken? that faucet is expensive and its new my mom bought it a month ago then it broken now unlike the faucet in our bathroom the prize is cheap but until now its ok. Our neighbor laughed and said its better to buy a cheaper one rather than to buy expensive but it easily broken.

Our neighbor bought a new faucet then he fixed it and finally its fine now. What we do next, to clean up the mess in the floor. *sigh* What a blessed Day... what ever the trials come out kept smiling :)

The lesson to learned, the quality of the product does'nt depend what's the prize, if its cheap or expensive it depends what kind of product we should to buy that its useful to us and not easily broken. *ciao*

Friday, September 19, 2008

the 2 approval

Yesterday afternoon the PLDT staff called me up to inform me that they approve my application form in DSL and they will connect it on this day i'm happy for the good news. hehehe

When i wake up in this morning i ask our helper if somebody came here to connect DSL and she said nobody came, then i decided to called up my friend one of agents in DSL why till now nobody came to connect the DSL connection? and he said he will ask his boss. After for a long wait finally the staff men to connect my DSL kit came. Finally i'm using now the fastest connection DSL. hehehe i wont have a hard time anymore in surfing to internet. Thank you mom!! Wish Granted!! hehehe

Not only that, i also receive an another approval from my payperpost application.Three days of waiting finally they approve my blog and now i can receive an opportunities from the clients or the consumers.

I assure to them they will not regret me. I'll do my job well. Thank YOu payperpost. :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

bAck 2 LDR agAin

Yesterday my partner called me up that she will arrive here in davao to packed all her things to go back in their place because she already had a work there as Physical Therapist so we need to celebrate our special occasion in advance. All my plan on that special occasion was vanished but we need to understand our situation its for our own good. (i guess not!!) :(

What we did, Early in the morning i helped packed all her things, then when it already fixed she decided to brought her baggage to the kargo jeepney to convey her baggage on there place, we just pay the jeepney driver. We are thankful that their is a kargo jeepney right now it made easy to us we don't have to rent a car or van if we have many baggage to carry you just to entrust your things to the driver give an specific place where to convey your baggage. Then thats its!!!

It's our date time, after eating lunch we went to somewhere in mall here in Davao to visit her friend then we decided to watched a movie titled death racer. It's a nice movie and story. It's action movie and a morbid one. But you'll enjoy. hehehe After we watched movie she decided to go home now because her mother called up already. Then i accompany her till to the terminal of van. But before we separate ways i repeatedly saying the three words "iloveyou" and she do the same. Its really hard for us to separate ways. huhuhuh We're in LDR or a long distance relationship again. huhuh *sigh* :(

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


What i did in this day, i went to the PLDT or Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company to apply a DSL the fastest internet connection so could i can stop using dial-up connection. When i there i gave the form to the staff and she told me to be back tomorrow for the payment after the result of screening in my form.

After in PLDT my sister called me up that she had a fever and she's in the clinic, i went to the school to fetch her. When i get there my step father called me up too asking if i'm with my sister then he ask me to convey my sister in her tutorial class before going home because our mom is busy at her prayer meeting. After an hour our mom came and we are ready to go home.

When we arrive at home my mom is excited to have dinner because she gave instruction into our helper what to cook for dinner. So we just had a pinakbet as our dinner in this evening and it taste great, the taste is similar from my uncle who's died already. My mom just ate the viand only she did'nt ate rice. We really love vegetables. And our viand in this evening really satisfied us. hehehe Where getting fat now but we don't care about it. :) *ciao*

hArd tO SLeEP

This past few weeks i have a hard to falling asleep and i experience waking up during the night. What i did, when i get awake at the middle of the night i keep my self busy. I do surfing to the internet, chatting and blogging. When my eyes get tired i just fell asleep. Theres a time i stil can't sleep what i did, i lay down into my bed and do "muni-muni" or rationalized thinking.

All we know that there's now a treatment to insomia that we called "sleeping tablets". But we can't take that if we don't have a prescribed by the doctor or into a expert of treating insomia to be safe.

I've a friend that taking sleeping tablets she said to me that the tablets are useful in treating insomia in the shorter term. It helps her a lot during the night she can't sleep especially in her situation right now that she's broken hearted.

But to avoid insomia we should also help our self not drink too much that has a caffeine or nicotine in cigarette and we should make our bed room relaxing. We should follow of what the physician tell us.


For a long wait the new grand star dreamer was finally announced, named Laarni lozada from sultan kudarat was declared the new grand star dreamer of the pinoy dream academy season 2 Sunday at the Cuneta Astrodome

I'm not expecting Laarni will win the competition because as we all remember Laarni has a hard time to mingling with her co-scholar and some people call her O.A (over acting). Although she's like that i know she has a good heart we just mis understand her.

Laarni deserves to win and were happy for her although my bet was bugoy which his only 2nd placer but theres nothing we can do with that. Thats a competition! But we should realized the lesson there. Whatever our status in life rich or poor, have the right to big dream and not to lose hope for reaching our dreams in life but to have faith in God for he knows what is the best for us.

Friday, September 12, 2008

She's bAck...

After a month of sacrifice finally she's back. Our helper back into the house and my sister is so happy because they best of friends of our helper. Now everything is back to normal, no one can ever wake me up to wash the dishes, to mop the floor, and to fed our pets. ( it's really hard for me to fed our pets because of my asthma, my doctor told me the one can trigger my asthma is the smell of dogs and their feathers.) Now all i do just sit back and relax. hehehe Also my mom can rest earlier when they arrive from school of my sister all she do is to eat dinner then taking half bath and where having our rosary then after that she can rest. And me? watch t.v while surfing and doing blog then if it late at night i go to my bed and have a sweet dreams. hehehe *sigh*

spoiled brat

After two months our baby aimi chang is already 1 year old. She can walk now, and she loves swimming, playing to the park. She also can speak some words or murmuring if she can't get what she want, in short she's a spoiled one, it's expected because because her father a japanese spoiled her. I really miss this cutie baby. Where hoping that next year she will celebrate her birthday here at philippines. I know she's fine and happy where ever you are now. Where hoping that you can still recognize us. See you soon aimi. We love you... ciao

my sss contribution

What happened year of 2006 my mom started paying my sss contribution. Before she did it, she ask me first my sss number but i lost my E-1 form so what my mom did she verify my number at the counter then she started paying every month. In paying almost 1 year in unexpected situation my mom paying an wrong account, she's so mad at me and to the teller who gave her an wrong account. What we did, we brought all the receipts at the sss counter as a proof of payment and its required for transfering the payments from wrong to the correct account but until now it's not yet done. Hope before 2009 it fix already. *sigh* Their system is very slow. Too BAD!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Missing someone

I'm missing someone. When lying at my bed i'm thinking about the times we shared, the laughs, the cries all about us i miss. Especially those moments feeling your heartbeat close to mine and repeatedly saying the same three words "i love you" and feel your warm embrace. hay! But now I'm here all alone and lonely. Eventhough were far a part I'm just right here waiting for you. I know that love is sacrifice. And if your truly in love you never loses hope but always believe in the promise of love no matter how long the time and how far the distance. :) i miss you.....

D flower

What happened today. After attending a holy mass my sister want to go at mall and my mother disagree because its sunday should have rest early for class by monday so my mom ask my stepfather to buy a flower for our chapel then my stepfather get mad don't know what's the reason so they arguing at the car until when we got home. Then my sister tried to stop our parents and comforting my mom because it's crying already. After an hour they're ok. they calm already. lesson must learned. Don't get mad without a reason, you can hurt someone by doing that. And say whats on your mind so others can understand you. Good night..

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Everytime my circle of friends are heartbroken they always count on me, to lean on, to have a shoulder to cry on and I'm a good listener my friends can prove that. hehehe They shared to me their heartaches in life not only about love life but also about family matters. They trusted me. I'm Dr. love thats what they call me. I'ts easy for me to give advices to my friends especially when it comes to love don't know why, maybe because in my experience at my past. So as a result of being doctor love i have lot of friends now and i value them. yeah thats true! I'm so lucky for having them into my life because they accept me for what i am and for whom am i and they love of being me i don't need to pretend to be somebody just to love by them. I'm happy of being me and i will stay as ME... :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

bAd dAY!!

I wake up early in this morning because i have a task to do my mother and my grand father ask me to do a favor. So i go in downtown area and do what they ask into me. Where ever i go and what ever i do, i updated it into my partner because were apart for a while so she has the right to know what ever i do so, then she called me up to assure if i going to take my lunch after that call a few minute my mother called me up also asking if i want to have lunch with her and i said "yes". After taking lunch i go home early. When i arrive my partner texted me and she was so mad i don't know whats the reason so i ask her why she's not on the mood did i do wrong? i ask her. and she replied why i'm not answering her question, she send it thrice she said. and i answered her, its not my fault if i didn't receive any text from her that she's asking a question and were arguing it until now. hay! What a day! Of that text it ruined my day!!! and the cause of this argue it will be continue by tomorrow. huhuhu Good night to you... Bad night for me... ciao...

mOviE mArathOn

Yesterday was a boring day. I'm busy doing nothing. You know what i mean? hehe ahhhmm... i don't have a nitro card yet so i stuck at home doing nothing. Until it come up to my mind what if i will do a movie marathon for the wholeday. First movie i watched was "Alvin and the chipmunks". I love that movie a lot, i have play that movie many times already and i have to return it into my cousin so they'll let me borrow again another CD. hehehe second movie i watched was "the fast and the furious part 2" and it followed by "nanny diaries" but my grand father get angry already so I stopped watching movie for a reason my grand father want to watch his favorite telenovela in the afternoon. So what i did, i go to my bed room and have some sleep, hoping and wishing to have a sweetdreams. hehehe sweet dreams to me guys... ciao

MY ATM card

Our boss is out of town and we don't know what's the exact reason why he is out of town always. We thought that our boss has a personal problem himself and our agency might lose already so what we do, we called up our boss and ask him what is the real status of the company, and we need our salary right away. Our boss always telling us that it's gona be fine and he say sorry for the delay of the salary. What he did is he lend our salary through my ATM account it help us a lot we receive our salary so easy and no hassel. So now where finally fine and happy for having our salary even if we receive it late. :) have a goog time folks!!

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