Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dr. LOVE 2 D rescue again

This Love I Have Inside

I think i can no longer hide
whenever your at my side,
i feel like trembling inside

But i guess you never know
this feelings i've tried to show
your not even aware
of this love im willing to share

To you im just a fren nothing more
til the end but i dont want to prtend,
that for me ur only just a fren

This love that i tried to deny,
i think i can no longer defy
honestly it's hard for to tell
but this is what i really feel

How i wish u can see
how much u mean to me
hope this fantasy would become a reality

The writer of this love poem is my friend, He wrote it to someone he loved but he don't have the guts to tell the girl what she really feels he afraid, he might get hurt. So as "D Dr. love" he share it to me whats my opinion.

As "D Dr. love" so i said to him that, he should tell the girl what he really feels so he could stop hoping for nothing and how he will know the answers of his questions if he will not tell the girl about of his feelings. We don't know, what if the girl has a feeling too she just hiding inside right? and whatever will happen he should accept the reality it might hurt him thats the fact your not really meant to each other, accept it. At first it hurts a lot but time will heal the wound and you will find somebody else. As they say no need to rush when it comes to love. and it's right!

I hope my friend will follow what i said to him and i hope i helped him.

You guys what's your opinion about this?

your comments are highly appreciated. :)


reanaclaire said...

hi Renmai, so u r Dr. Love..
...ok about yr fren, i tot nowadays youngsters are more daring in their feelings. During my time, most guys were shy and for the not so shy ones, they pluckered up their courage to approach the girls before they (girls) are snatched away by someone else.
So, tell your fren, before its too late.. another guy might be lurking around somewhere to take away his girl then he will have much regret. Ask him not to miss the bus.. so the saying goes.. but then, he can always take another bus.. its not the end of the world .. :)

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