Sunday, September 28, 2008

sUndAy is fAmily dAy

What we did in this day, early in the morning mom and my step father went to the wet market while my little sister surfing to the internet, she grab the oppurtunity to surf because she can only use the computer if she don't have class like fri. night, saturday, and sunday, and me? still sleeping, i woke up it's already 11am. hehehe When i woke up lunch is ready, then i take my breakfast and lunch after i do my job, dropping by to my friends in my blog roll.

For us sunday is family day, in the afternoon we went to church to attend a holy mass. Then after went to some mall here in davao to have a dinner with my 2 cousin and my aunt. We do a plan for my cousin's farewell party because he will go to abroad this coming first week of October. After dinner we do hopping in a moment then go home.

When we arrive at home here i go again sitting in my couch and do blogging.
That's our routine in sunday. Have a Blessed sunday to you guys. Goodnight! *ciao*


JoShMaRie said...

hay..kainggit ka naman... i spend most of my sundays at work. :(

Tey said...

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