Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our differences

Me and my sister mary was lots of differences. Now at her age 10 year old she loves collecting barbies, barbies bags and pens, she loves to draw also and lastly she loves collecting books. Yes! I'ts true! She loves reading books a lot. That's her hobbies if she got tired playing to her PSP. Her books are 5 Nancy Drew, 4 Disney Girls books, 1 Goldie's Fortune, and 4 Rohan book company, she bought new book yesterday i don't know what is it and she's starting reading in her leisure time.

Me? i hate books. I don't have fun in reading books or collecting it. really! My collection are Backstreet boys tape & CD's, Shaggy or any RnB's music, pop, or love songs. Thats what i want.
I really love listening to music though music doesn't love me. :( how sad! I also love to play guitar though my guitar dont love me too. huhuh i can play flute and keyboard too. thats true! except on guitar, how hard i practice to play guitar but i really can't do. I got envious to my friends who's good in playing guitar.

In spite of that i can say that i'm good in computer, i've been working at the internet cafe for 1 1/2 of year as attendant there and i learned a lot. But i'm not expert in computer. *humble* :)

Our age gap of my sister is 15 years. Thats the reason we can't understand each other. Even though we've lots of diffrences we do love each other. really! I do love my sister. *ciao*


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