Tuesday, September 16, 2008

hArd tO SLeEP

This past few weeks i have a hard to falling asleep and i experience waking up during the night. What i did, when i get awake at the middle of the night i keep my self busy. I do surfing to the internet, chatting and blogging. When my eyes get tired i just fell asleep. Theres a time i stil can't sleep what i did, i lay down into my bed and do "muni-muni" or rationalized thinking.

All we know that there's now a treatment to insomia that we called "sleeping tablets". But we can't take that if we don't have a prescribed by the doctor or into a expert of treating insomia to be safe.

I've a friend that taking sleeping tablets she said to me that the tablets are useful in treating insomia in the shorter term. It helps her a lot during the night she can't sleep especially in her situation right now that she's broken hearted.

But to avoid insomia we should also help our self not drink too much that has a caffeine or nicotine in cigarette and we should make our bed room relaxing. We should follow of what the physician tell us.


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