Wednesday, September 3, 2008

bAd dAY!!

I wake up early in this morning because i have a task to do my mother and my grand father ask me to do a favor. So i go in downtown area and do what they ask into me. Where ever i go and what ever i do, i updated it into my partner because were apart for a while so she has the right to know what ever i do so, then she called me up to assure if i going to take my lunch after that call a few minute my mother called me up also asking if i want to have lunch with her and i said "yes". After taking lunch i go home early. When i arrive my partner texted me and she was so mad i don't know whats the reason so i ask her why she's not on the mood did i do wrong? i ask her. and she replied why i'm not answering her question, she send it thrice she said. and i answered her, its not my fault if i didn't receive any text from her that she's asking a question and were arguing it until now. hay! What a day! Of that text it ruined my day!!! and the cause of this argue it will be continue by tomorrow. huhuhu Good night to you... Bad night for me... ciao...


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