Saturday, March 14, 2009

the best credit card

It's been a year when i resign for being agent of an credit card. Since my doctor advise me to quit from my job for the reason of it trigger my asthma for being in the field always. Where going offices in other places to sell our credit cards. As an agent we should be good in communicating skills by dealing to the customer on how to meet their needs and wants to make them satisfied.

Since i've knowledge about the credit cards my step father ask me a favor to have research to another credit card the one who has low interest rate, has high credit limits and has 0%balance transfer, the one that helpful to us. In my research i've discovered this one of a kind credit card. So i let my step father know about it.

When my step father already know about it he wants to read the articles first, about the balance transfer since he will transter all his balance to the new one. After reading the article and all the benifits to be earn he smiled at me and said he wants to apply on it. So i guide him how to apply online. Thats it!! My step father is using now his new credit card.


Friday, March 13, 2009

72nd arAw ng dAbAw celebrAtiOn

The celebration of 72nd Araw ng Dabaw is near. The theme is "Pagtupad sa Dakilang Pangako". Actualy it's open last March 09,2009. You can visit the official website of araw ng dabaw it is You can see there the up coming events of araw ng dabaw.

Join us and have fun in celebrating the festivals, you'll enjoy the parades the upcoming shows of the celebreties at mall and also they will join the parade.

For those who haven't visit davao city it's your oppurtunity now to come here visit our place and join us celebrating araw ng dabaw, i assure guys you wont regret.

May we have happy and peaceful araw ng dabaw celebrations.


Monday, March 9, 2009

hapi 900th days

On this day Monday is the exact date of our 900th days together. It's almost three years already and stil going strong. I'm very thankful she came into my life. she's my happiness. She's always there when i'm sad to cheer me up, when i'm down she's there to lift me up, to encourage me i can do it. And she always believes in me that i can do more things that i'm good than others.

Eventhough were apart right now i'll extend my arms to hug her and to greet her happy 900th days. Thank you for accepting and loving me for what i am and for whom am i. You never ask me to change you just let me to change. Thank you for the meaningful 900th days.

Though were apart i assure you nothing will change to us. Just trust me and i trust you. And i love you so much. hmmm... *sigh* i missed you so much if you only knew. I wish more days, monthsary's and anniversary's to come for us. tsup...


You change my life (the movie)

What i did. Yesterday mom and my sis got home early so i ask a permission to go at mall. I want to watch a movie titled "you changed my life". I'm only the one who did'nt see it. Then my mom answered yes so i got hasten to fix myself.

When i got there the place is full. It is standing position. What i did, i've waited til someone will stand up. When i've got a seat i concentrate watch the story of the movie.

The story is nice compare to part one. In part two it has more "kilig moments" it's sad that i'm alone not like to other who's there, they're together with their partners others with their friends. :( But it's ok i stil enjoying watching the movie.

After watching movie i go home and i called up my partner and tell about the story of the movie i've watched. While telling the story to her she just listened up to me and she got "kilig" about it. She said she wants also to watch the movie if she got a chance. She wants to see her crush "John Lloyd Cruz" on the big screen.

One thing i've learned on the story of the movie. Don't be self centered and don't measure your love to your partner. It should be equal love no MORE no LESS so it can't be hard in your partner. And you should be understanding in every situation you belong and respect your partner. Base in my experienced before for me the important recipe in relationship is LOVE, TRUST, RESPECT and UNDERSTAND. And by doing it me and my partner been together almost three years right now although where miles apart we stil going strong. hehehe


bar b-que store

What happened, after attending holy mass i asked my step father to buy bar b-que for our viand in dinner. In the store someone come near to me asking where did i study before in college and i answered at UM then she said we got the same school. Then she introduced her self to me and i did the same thing. She said to me were schoolmates before but i did'nt recognize her.

In the middle of our conversation she ask me if i've got work or if i'm free in weekdays. I replied yes i'm very free i'm just stayed at home and she ask me what course i've taken before i answered Business Management. Then she wants to recommend me into her friend who're maneger in the company she did'nt promise but she'll do it. Then i'm amazed to her and i'm thankful if she really wants to help me to see a stable job.

After we talked she ask my mobile number and i gave it to her and i'll do the same thing. She'll just text me if she see her friend. Then we said goodbyes to each other.

I've wish i can find a stable job this year. I've lot want to do in my life. But even if i could find a stable job i wont leave my blog. I still continuing doing my task here in my blog. I've enjoy doing it.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

King of pinOy RAP

The "king of pinoy rap" was born on October 4, 1964 that is francis Magalona also known as FrancisM. His Father was Pancho Magalona a very popular actor, while his mother was Tita Duran. Both of his parents are in showbiz.

Before Francis M discovered as king of rap he also introduced as a break dancer and became part of the first youth-oriented show That’s Entertainment. He also became one of the most sought-after actors. He also a variety show host.

But more than acting and hosting, Francis M or Kiko, to friends was known to be a seasoned rapper. The first album of Fracis M was released in 1990, his song contained several Filipino songs “Mga Kababayan". Majority of the themes of his songs are related to several issues the country is currently facing, such as peer pressure, patriotism, and drug addiction. His not only a writer or a rapper but he also produce some of his albums. This guy has lot of talents, his a good photographer, a painter and a rapper what a man.

But unexpected happened at age of 43 he was diagnosed on August 8, 2008 with leukemia and he was needed a blood donors. He undergo chemoteraphy for his treatment but after seven months of his treatment in this day he was died 12pm in the afternoon.

Now one of our idol passed away his in God hands now. wherever you are right now we wont forget you especialy your songs. Your music inspired US and will inspire also upcoming generations. Thank you for your music and memories.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

hArd dAy 4 ME

What i did. This day is hard day for me, know why? All by my self i washed dishes while watching aimi what she's doin if she'll not go up to chair, i'm afraid she'll might fell. After washing i map the floor for the reason not only dirty but there's many blood scattered on the floor because my grand father wounded by canned goods when he open it.

After cleaning the mess at the floor i fed aimi for her lunch. Our cute baby aimi is a little bit naugthy already despite of that we love her so much. She like to watched all the advertisement on t.v she'll not listen to you if advertisements is goin on. She like also to watched our favorite noon time show wowowee. If its started she'll dance and sing like of what the dancers did.

In this evening i had an headache cause by aimi she wont to sleep. I want her to sleep early so i can do blogging and finished earlier but she's keep on crying. What i did. i called up for an rescue, i ask a favor to my grand father to fell aimi to sleep and i'm lucky he did. So here i am now sitting into my couch and do blogging. hehehehe Tommorrow is another hard day for me. *sigh*


Monday, March 2, 2009

Birthday of my mom

What happened. We celebrated the birthday of my mom she's 53 of age but she's look younger and sexy unlike of other moms there. hehehe no offense of some mother there. She was born Febuary 27,1956. Her name is Carolina C. Tabunag.

I'm so lucky for having a mother like her, the one who's understanding though nagger sometimes and loving mother what can i ask for? All i want is good health to her and stay beautiful and sexy mother. hehehehe

We took dinner with my aunt and some friends of my mom. We take her favorite food thats her request. After dinner they made chika of her friends and me and my sibling we went to kids play room to enjoy aimi. Then aimi got playmate there.

Thats it how we celebrate the birthday of my mom. Wish you more blessings and birthdays to come mom. I Love You Ma.. We love you...


belated happy valentines

What we did. On valentines day my parents dated first in the morning and lunch. Me and my sister stayed at home with our baby aimi. In afternon around 4pm my step father called me up to have a family dinner, were so happy on that moment.

We hasten fixing ourselves when were done we went to some mall here in davao and we took our dinner at antonio's grill. My aunt also join us because her sons are not here. After dinner we went to kids and play we leaved aimi there and my sis and I went to our favorite tambayan the worlds of fun. Were having fun playing computer games there and we won more tickets.

After having the fun we decided to go home and rest for the reason my parents will go to wet market.

Celebrating valentines day it's for lovers only It also for family. We should'nt waste time to tell our love ones, our parents, our friends and also our enemy that we love them because life is too short. We should love them not only in valentines day but everyday. Belated happy valentines to all of you guys.


bAck on trAck agAin

Hello guys.. i really miss blogging. I've lot to share with you but my situation right now make hard for me to get into blogging thats the reason of my absenses.

Our helper in our house got home for some reasons, she promise to come back but she did'nt. What we did right now were seeking another helper but it's not that easy. By this time i've a task to map the floor and to be "yaya" of aimi.

Now i'm trying to get back into blogging although i'm little tired. I want to cope those i've miss.

Just want to thank you guys for keeping visit me here in my blog.


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