Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Entrecard Partners to Bring you ALL AD FORMATS

In this evening, i've got mail from entrecard, it tells about the new partnership of ec the OIO Publisher it allows you to sell a grid of 125x125s, text links, blog reviews, inline ads and more, and ACCEPT EC as payment. This is perfect for anyone who wants to really start taking their blog to the next level, earning thousands of ECs and even cash for some of their ad spots! It's also perfect for anyone with a lot of credits to spend, unsure of what to spend them all on!

Link to Buy and Coupon Code
Since OIO is premium blogging software that sells your advertising for you, and because they never take a cut of your earnings, you pay an upfront, one-time fee to download and use their software. This price is typically $47, but they gave me a $17 coupon to cut your price to just $30.
Buy it here and use coupon code "entrecard" to knock $17 off the price!

Installing and using
OIO publisher works with Wordpress, Blogger, and all other blogging platforms. With Wordpress, it works as a plugin. With others, it installs on your site. So you must have some hosting to set it up on a server, even if the hosting is on a different server than your actual blog. If you aren't sure whether you have hosting or not, you probably don't, and thus can't use the service. Hosting is cheap, if your interested, only

When you're ready to install, make sure you download version 2.01 of OIO and then just read this help guide which explains how to setup the EC integration. Its quick, easy, and there are only a few steps involved.

Finding advertising with OIO and EC
OIO has a marketplace on their site, and within a day or so it will be updated to filter sites accepting EC. We will update everyone when this change has been put in place. Until then, you are free to leave messages on the Marketing forum.

...but wait! There's more (secret contests)!
Everyone who uses this link, with the coupon code "entrecard" to buy OIO publisher will automatically be entered to win a "Gold Standard" prize of 30,000 credits, an "Economy" prize of 15,000 credits, and one "US Economy" prize of 5000 Credits!

In addition, we're holding a contest to blog about it! Blog about our new partnership, and use our affiliate code to link to OIO, and enter to win a "PROBLOGGER" Prize of 30,000 credits, a "Semi-Pro Blogger" prize of 15,000 credits, and a "Blogette" prize of 5000 credits. Just make sure to post a link back to your published article in our blog. Our affiliate code must be the only link to the OIO site.

Three random winners are going to be lucky and get a boat load of credits to go on an OIO spending spree buying text links, blog reviews, monthly 125 ads, and more!

Follow up on the blog
As always, we have an article on the blog about all this. Share your thoughts and don't be shy! We want to hear from you!

You guys.. What is your thoughts about this mail i've got? In my opinion the OIO Publisher can really help us to earn thousands of credits and it also help us to take our blog to the higher level like me that i'm just a new blogger. Please share your thoughts about this in your blog.
Thank YOu guys for visiting me here guys.. *ciao*


Tey said...

great tips renmai..I needed this because I dont know much about new things happening in EC. I just dont have the time to learn all of it
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