Sunday, September 21, 2008

THere's a WAY

What a bad day! My mobile phone was broken the LCD got block but still ringing if you try to call me i can answer calls but i can't do calls and i can't read any messages i don't know whats the cause of this. huhuhu My mobile phone is the only way i can easy communicate into my partner but now its gone. What should i do right now? I want to tell my mom of what happened into my mobile but i have a fear of being scolded. I want to buy a new one but my money is not enough. It's really a bad day to me!!

But my partner has a solution in our situation right now. In smart buddy sim they have a new promo you can use your mobile phone by surfing to the internet, you can check your email, you can chat with your friends using yahoo messenger and you can update your friendster, facebook and many more. It's amazing right? You just need 25 load for unlichat. yeah!! It's COOL!! right?

You just need a mobile phone that can handle GPRS/3G/EDGE then download to UZZAP. So whats you waiting for change your sim to smart buddy and got UZZAP. hehehe me na me talaga.

Now me and my partner stil have a communication through chatting using her mobile phone and me using my laptop. hehehe
If there's a will there's a way. Am i right? You can do anything if you really love the person. Thats all for tonight. *ciao*


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