Friday, September 26, 2008

cAreEr wOrkshOp

I just want to share to you guys what i learned in the workshop i attended. Before i became a blogger, i'm a member of LDS ers career workshop. The main goal of the career workshop is to help to develop the skills we need to achieve in our career objective.

The first we discuss is

Coat of arms -> coat of arms is a part of the process of setting our career goals, we should assess ourself- what our strength, talents, interests, and values?
Creating a coat of arms will help us to answer these questions.

Set Career Goals -> we should set our career goals. Our long- term and short term goal. Sir Garnett told us we should remember that we are more likely to succeed if we will focus our efforts on one specific long-term goal. Some people think that looking for work in several different careers increases their chances of finding employment in one of them. But in reality, this kind of strategy prevents them from giving their full energy to one goal. Focusing on one long-term goal concentrates your energy.

Create "Me in 30 Seconds" Statements -> here in creating me in 30 seconds, we can use this statement when calling contacts or when interviewing to set yourself apart from other applicants. To prepare our "me in 30 secs." statement. We should review our coat of arms, what is interest, strength and values. I give you guys one example of making "me in 30 secs."

Ex. I'm trust worthy and hard working individual. I've worked as attendant / cashier at internet cafe for one and half year. I'm good in communication skills, by dealing with people, by satisfying the needs and wants of the customer. And as the result of that i increase our regular customer in the cafe.

That's my "me in 30 seconds". We do next, they teach us whats the correct attire to wear if we got a job interview, we made a new format of resume and application lettter. And lastly we do a practice interview just to review what we learned about the workshop. The career workshop is 2 days we do a lot of things, a lot of exercise, i just share to you guys the important details.

Good night guys.. Have a nice weekend... *ciao*


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