Saturday, September 20, 2008

D quAntity and quality

What happen early in this morning? was terrible! Our helper washed the dishes and she noticed that the faucet is a little bit broken already but she don't mind it when she close the faucet the water blows out our washstand is like a fountain and we got panic don't know what to do.

What we did. I went outside to off the main switch of the faucet but i cannot off don't know why our helper already cried because the water spread out to the floor and flooded to entire room. What i did i went into our neighborhood and ask for a help and my grand father who got panic also went to his friend and ask for a help also when his friend got inside in the house he was shocked then he suggest to buy a new faucet the chaeaper one, then i said to him why that faucet easy broken? that faucet is expensive and its new my mom bought it a month ago then it broken now unlike the faucet in our bathroom the prize is cheap but until now its ok. Our neighbor laughed and said its better to buy a cheaper one rather than to buy expensive but it easily broken.

Our neighbor bought a new faucet then he fixed it and finally its fine now. What we do next, to clean up the mess in the floor. *sigh* What a blessed Day... what ever the trials come out kept smiling :)

The lesson to learned, the quality of the product does'nt depend what's the prize, if its cheap or expensive it depends what kind of product we should to buy that its useful to us and not easily broken. *ciao*


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