Tuesday, September 16, 2008


What i did in this day, i went to the PLDT or Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company to apply a DSL the fastest internet connection so could i can stop using dial-up connection. When i there i gave the form to the staff and she told me to be back tomorrow for the payment after the result of screening in my form.

After in PLDT my sister called me up that she had a fever and she's in the clinic, i went to the school to fetch her. When i get there my step father called me up too asking if i'm with my sister then he ask me to convey my sister in her tutorial class before going home because our mom is busy at her prayer meeting. After an hour our mom came and we are ready to go home.

When we arrive at home my mom is excited to have dinner because she gave instruction into our helper what to cook for dinner. So we just had a pinakbet as our dinner in this evening and it taste great, the taste is similar from my uncle who's died already. My mom just ate the viand only she did'nt ate rice. We really love vegetables. And our viand in this evening really satisfied us. hehehe Where getting fat now but we don't care about it. :) *ciao*


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