Saturday, February 14, 2009

celebrAting valentine

Tomorrow is hearts day. Many of lovers dating with there love ones and hanging out with friends for those who have no partners. But for those who have partner but there miles apart like me were stil celebrating valentine or I will celebrate the hearts day with my family.

I don't know yet what's the plan of my step father, if he wants to celebrate with us or they wants privacy with mom. My mom wants to watch a concert but they don't have a ticket yet and i'm not sure if there's stil ticket available. But all i know is we'll going out tomorrow.

We can celebrate valentines day in many ways. Other lovers are fun of watching movies going to romantic places going to parks and bars but for long distance relationship, they just celebrate through chatting or talking through phone, it's also possible celebrating alone.

What ever the situation, we should find ways to let know our love ones that we love them not only for valentines day but everyday, because life is too short. Am I right?

Happy Valentines To All Of You!!!!


Monday, February 9, 2009

family dream house

Family dream house

At second floor

At the first floor

My mom and my step father prioritize their dream house. Hopefully it will be finish this June or July. That is one of the biggest dream of my mom to have a house like that. It's dream come true to her, and to us also.

For all the sacrifices, and perseverance and mostly having faith and trust to God, It's all worth it to my mom and stepfather to have a dream house like that. We are so excited now to transfer in our new house. Hope it will finish fast. hehehehe

And i wish, I can also have a dream house like that in the future. Or if not i just can fulfill my biggest dream to put up my own business an internet cafe or a mini bar. *sigh*

In Gods will, it will happen. I've faith in him.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

renmai in sentosa / singapore

Oscar of song of the sea

At the water world

The dolphin show

The song of the sea

After the adventure at genting and sunway lagoon in Kuala lumpor we go back to Singapore and we'll go home here in the philippines. But we've a 3 days left so we decided to go in sentosa.

The pictures above is our last day adventure in our 2 weeks vacation. They have dolphin show, you'll see a talented dolphins and friendly. It's fun especially the finale it's called the song of the sea. It has a nice story.

The story is about a young man gifted with a cahrming voice, is singing by the sea with his friends. When he is stunned by the sudden vision of a beautiful sleeping girl, Princess Ami. Guided by a group of mischievous Sea Creatures, one of that is oscar, Li learns that she’s under the spell of an enchanted village.

At the end of the story Li, awake princess Ami by his charming voice. Princess ami thanked Li. And they continued singing and they all happy.

And this is the end of my adventure. Hope this summer another adventure will come.


renmai in sun way lagoon / kuala lumpor

At the scream park

At the zoo

My sister cried because she forgot to bring her swimming attire.

In the swimming pool

In our hotel

The twin tower in kuala lumpor

All pictures you see above is all taken at sunway lagoon in kuala lumpor. I just shared it to you to see how we've enjoy the fun in our vacation last christmas and new year.

As you can see the picture of my sister that she looked sad because of so excited to go she forgot to brought her swim suit. She have nothing to do with that it's her fault not mine. hehehe We just stare at her and laugh.

Sunway lagoon is a nice place. You'll enjoy the scream park, the fun rides, the pool, the beach, the zoo, the 3d movie it's many to mention. You have many choices where you want to go and to do. And the price? it's all worth it. You wont regret i assure you that guys.

Next year where planning to go back at sunway lagoon. Hope my wish will be granted. heheheh


Friday, February 6, 2009

rEnmai at genting

The first that we've ride, It's called the cylcone, the first roller coaster in kuala lumpor.
we've enjoy it. really. hehehe

At snow world

As i promise earlier that i will share to my experience in our vacation last christmas and new

This is my first international vacation with my sister and aunt. We'll also visit my cousin who's working already in singapore and we've stayed at the house of my aunt's friend.

My cousin is our tour guide and were lucky that he had a long vacation so he accompanied us.
after christmas we decided to arrive to genting in malaysia. What you've seen pictures above it's just only a tip of the iceberg.

Thats all for now guys. I just continue sharing pictures tommorow. ok?


Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm herE again...

Hey guys! It's been 4 months that i didn't updating my blog because of some reasons. But now i'm here again and i've lots to share with you. Especially our vacation to singapore and malaysia. I will share it to you the tourist pot of singapore and in malaysia.

But before that just wanna say that i miss blogging. really! I miss writing poems and share it with you guys, I also miss dropping ec accounts, everything about blogging i miss.

Hope you guys will enjoy reading my blog and you'll keep visiting here.

Thank you Guys!! *ciao*

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