Thursday, September 18, 2008

bAck 2 LDR agAin

Yesterday my partner called me up that she will arrive here in davao to packed all her things to go back in their place because she already had a work there as Physical Therapist so we need to celebrate our special occasion in advance. All my plan on that special occasion was vanished but we need to understand our situation its for our own good. (i guess not!!) :(

What we did, Early in the morning i helped packed all her things, then when it already fixed she decided to brought her baggage to the kargo jeepney to convey her baggage on there place, we just pay the jeepney driver. We are thankful that their is a kargo jeepney right now it made easy to us we don't have to rent a car or van if we have many baggage to carry you just to entrust your things to the driver give an specific place where to convey your baggage. Then thats its!!!

It's our date time, after eating lunch we went to somewhere in mall here in Davao to visit her friend then we decided to watched a movie titled death racer. It's a nice movie and story. It's action movie and a morbid one. But you'll enjoy. hehehe After we watched movie she decided to go home now because her mother called up already. Then i accompany her till to the terminal of van. But before we separate ways i repeatedly saying the three words "iloveyou" and she do the same. Its really hard for us to separate ways. huhuhuh We're in LDR or a long distance relationship again. huhuh *sigh* :(


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