Saturday, August 30, 2008

my ducati

On our last day in manila. We wake up early to attend holy mass, luckily we found out there's a church near at place where we live. After the mass we went at MOA got shopping again it's our last day. Since my sister have already her want its time for us to buy for our own so i told my mother i want new shoes, it's new arrival of puma and i want to have it and i ask my step father to buy me 1 pair and he said yes! i'm so happy on that moment! hehehe i have a new shoes now. For my mom she buys everthing blouses, sandals, perfumes, pants and bags. Thats my mom!!
After shopping we went back at the hotel then we arrive at the airport. There, we got merienda while waiting the plane.
At home i'm so tired i want to rest, because at next day is back to school for my sister and back to business for my step father and back to work for me.. eheem!! just here at our house. hehehe thats all.. nothing more.. nothing less.... ciao

Friday, August 29, 2008

stressfull day

On our second day in manila is very stressfull. We wake up early and went at ocean park when we where there its not open so we take our breakfast at the near canteen. When our stomach is fool it's time for us to discover the adventure inside the park.When we get inside it's nice we saw different sea animals like fish, sea horse, crab spider, sharks and many more. I want to go back there when it's totaly done the place. After there we went to MOA and have lunch then after we can't decide what to do next. So my sister suggested that what if, we grant her wish to buy psp so we did, we grant the wish of my sister. We find one but it's too expensive it cost 15k unit only we explain to her we find another that cheaper than 15k and she undertand that 'til we became disperate to find a cheaper one so we decided to have shopping for 'pasalubong' to our some friends and relatives. After eating merienda we decided to go to makati at glorieta. when we arrive my sister find a psp and its cheap this time.
After searching psp all day long, now my sister has her own psp and she's very happy for that.
What a day! Before we back at the hotel we've got dinner first at buffet restaurant near side of glorieta after dinner went back to the hotel and got rest for another day again.. ciao

Thursday, August 21, 2008

WELcome MAniLA

When we arrived to manila what we did first was searching a hotel where to stay but we are so lucky that my stepfather saw his officemate before he suggest that we go to copacabana hotel at pasay city so thats what we did. After check- in to the hotel we went to mall of asia and hopping ourselves there then we got dinner and went to star city we've enjoy their riding there different kids of rides. After my sister decided to go back in hotel its time for us to have some rest for the next adventure day. tHats for now... ciao...

Thursday, August 14, 2008


The plan on the 10th birthaday of my sister is we will go to manila beacuse thats what my sister wants. So 3 to 2 weeks before the birthday, my mother canvass an agency for a discount trip to manila then my aunt called up at home she suggest that the agency of her friend got promo tickets trip to manila. And the prize is very cheap.

So my mother grab the oppurtunity to buy the ticket and we are so excited to come on manila. Thanks for the agency who made promo's it helps people a lot. Thats for now folks.. the adventure will continue.. :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

dAncing Tinikling w/ cOckrOach?

Early in this morning as i wake up 1st thing i did was, i fed the TMGC of my sis its has a baby already then i went to the living room (salas) i saw a cockroach, i have a phobia of that thing. So what happened next the cockroach got near into my feet so i did jump and jump dancing like the filipino dance tinikling with a cockroach but thankful that i'm alone in the house no one will laugh at me. When the cockroach ran i got the spray killer and kill that damn cockroach. after a few min. i've got a short of breathing, i forgot doing spray is bad for me, my asthma is triggering again. I used my inhaler and got ok after. Then i finish doing my task at home. hehehehe What a day!!!

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