Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's our special day 2day

I couldn't keep my face not to smile this day
As i wake up, the sun so bright shining into my window
Too many things to do, for this day is special
Wondering what magic would happen this day
I want it to keep it simple yet very special
A day we both won't forget and will cherish
Something romantic and something so sweet
Because this is our anniversary
I coudn't hide how much love i have for you
No denying my love for you is overflowing
And i hope this day would be mean so much to you
I Love You...
Today is our special day but we are far apart, i'm expecting we can celebrate our day together but cannot be and it hurts me now. I hope time will come we can celebrate our anniversary together. For the mean time we can be together through chatting in yahoo messenger, i can see you, your smile although it has a boundary i coudn't feel your warm embrace, i coudn't touch you. Eventhough we are apart i know your're just right there loving me and always there for me whatever happens. I miss you....


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