Monday, July 28, 2008

THE mEss

What happen is, on sat. afternoon after the tuitorial class of my brat sister they went to SM with my mom and step father then they called me up to go with them. We eat pizza thats our dinner. hehehe After eating we decided to go in see wall, when we were there, i see a couple doing nasty things inside of the car, the girl is so flirt. (i hate that kind of girl. ewww!!!) An hour ago, i felt like i wanted to pee but there's no comfort room their (what should i do?) i ask myself. I ask my stepfather if he has a cellophane? then he answered yes. I ask him again to give it to me because i really need to pee, then he ask me if where i'll be goin to pee? i answered him "at the car" and they keep on laughing at me and i'm ashamed because sombody heard them. huhuhu When i got the cellophane i'd open the car at the back seat and i pee, but what happened next is trouble my brat sis tried to open the door of the car i've shock, the urine scattered at the carpet and it smell badly, my step father get mad at me he said i'll be the one who'll clean my mess. When we arrive at home, what i did after changing clothes, i clean up my mess at the car. I thank God my mom bought a vacumn cleaner it helps me a lot it made my task easy. And its also useful by removing dust and germs in our house. It will made your task easy like what i did. So we are so thankful that this kind of product is already out in the market.

Friday, July 25, 2008

nUtritiOnAL shAkE mix

My mom is getting older now, she's 52 of age right now and she's concious of her body because she's gettin' fat. She's afraid of, if my step father finds some one sexy, thinner and younger. So what she did right now, she's goin to the gym to become thinner and sexy hehehe. Aside from going to the gym she also drink this nutritional shake mix. This kind of product is great- tasting shake that provides an ideal balance of protein and nutrtition to help us satisfy our hunger and gave us a lasting energy. And its proven and tested. The first time i tried this shake mix it tasted ewww.... errrr... they blend the banana and shake mix chocolate flavor with no ice it tasted ewwwww.... but the second time around i tried again, this time its cold shake and its taste good. really!! hehehe For the result, for five months goin to the gym and 3 months drinking this shake mix my mom became thinner and she looks younger now. She looks around 30 of age. hehehe yeah its really true.

We all know that there's a lot of different product available in the market, were not really sure if its all effective to us or its good if we try that product. We should do is we'll make sure that product is truely good and effective and it should be advisable to consult a physician. OK foLks? hehehe have a great day... :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

True Friendship By tExting

What is the meaning of true friendship? That's the one question i would like to be answered. I have a lot of friends, but not all of them i considered true friends beacause some of them are just for good times only, when i've got bad times before and i need them badly they left me alone and lonely. I realized that true friends are hard to find. Now i know true friendship has so many different definitions and yet so hard it to show. I knew that true friends, someone who will stand by you, who believes in you no matter what will happen. Who will lay there life on the line for you, the one who will help you in everything, to put a smile on your face everyday, someone who will support you always like what i'll always do with my friends even they left me alone and betrayed me once i stay kind to them but i can't give my 100% trust anymore.

A true friendship is really hard to find but once found its a truly precious gift that u'll received. We should hold on to it tightly with both hands and when sad, you will feel your spirits lift.

Now, two years ago i found my true friendship, I'm so blessed that i found her. She's the only one who'll understand me eventhough i'm stubborn sometimes, and moody she's always there to understand me. And she never leave me all alone. I really thank God for the wonderful gift and true friendship. She's my friend, my partner, my life now... hehehe

You can't believe us, we just met before through texting, after two weeks of texting we've met and then we became friends till now. Unbelievable right? but it's true. The hitech gadget called cellular phone is very helpfull to us it made life easy. isnt right? We can easy contact our love once through texting before we need to send by mail or at the post office, now its easy, if you have a load you can text anybody you want. hehehe NO HASSLE!!! We have to thank the person who invent cellulur phone. its really a useful gadget.

nArUtO GonE AgAin

I'm an avid fun of naruto. I really have fun on watching that anime but it's already gone in the t.v it change by a mexican show. i've got "bitin" again in the second time around. What i did is, i keep on searching on the side vendor to buy a cd of naruto that tagalog version but i really can't find one *sad*. I wan't tagalog version because naruto there is kind of naughty or a menace and he's *makulit* so funny. i want the figthing spirit of naruto and he believe that hw will become a hukage someday thats his dream that he want to be happen and of course his friendly person.

reversible of watching that anime my sis and my partner really hate if i've naruto. They can't relate the story thats what they said. But they stop me if naruto already i'm the boss i've got the remote of the t.v hehehe :). My brat sis always asking to buy another t.v so she don't have an rivalry on watching what ever she wants.

I wish i can find an dvd of naruto so i can watch all of his episodes. please! please! please!
bye.. bye.. for now....... thats all for now guys! have a blessed day :)

THE prOxy

What happen is, since our helper in the house go away no one took her place of. My mom always moody because she's the one who'll wash the clothes and wash the dishes. She's always murmoring that she's tired already, her asthma might attack again. What i did is, every morning as i wake up i'm the one who wash the dishes that scattered around at the washstand. huh! after i'll mop the floor. *sigh* i've a feeling that my asthma might attack too, what will i afraid off my doctor gave me an maintanance for my asthma i will use my inhaler if i got a short breathing.

If everthing is clear now thats the time i can sit and relax i can do blogging no one will disturb me. hehehe but my grand father get mad at me, he cannot do calls because i'm using the telephone into internet. We don't have a connection to the internet here in our village so were just using dial up connection. What my grand father did is he waited for so long after i finished using the telephone he can do calls. hehehe i'm the boss!! *just joking*

I'm just hoping that my mother will appreciate my good deed and i hope she's on the mood so i can ask for a payment of what i did hehehe *just kidding* keep up the good work renmai.. :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

cRying InsidE

I could go around telling people I'm over you,

prentending that what I felt was through.

Never knowing if we'd have a chance to get back together,

Just trying to forget what we had with one another.

I'm tired of hearing and telling these lies,

Because every time I try part of my heart dies.

I just need to tell you..

I still love you...

I always loved you

you were my life, my world, my everthing

I remember when we first met

we looked into each others eyes

and introduced your self to me

after that day I could not stop thinking about you

then you asked me if I wanted to be your partner

I told you yes

after almost a year you left me

I cried, and cried, and cried

why did you hurt me sooo much?

why did you tell me that you loved me and cared about me?

you told me that you would never leave me

don't you know that, that hurts me a lot I still love you

all I can now say to you is that I hope some day you

feel what i felt when you hurt me sooo much

God I ask you please let me find my true love let it be someone sweet

thoughtful, and most of all truthful!!!

this is for my friend who's broken hearted right now..
why love hurts?
whats the true meaning of love?
Is that true there's forever?
gudnight guys....

A cyber LOVE??

You make me cry

not because you hurt me

but because I'm so happy with you

yet you're not really here.

I love talking to you, yet I can't see you.

I love all those hugs and kisses you send me, Yet I can't feel them.

You make me feel loved and warm, yet you're not near or touching me.

Long distant love is what they call it, long distant pain is what I feel.

We've been together for a long time, Yet we really ain't together.

But soon it'll be over, soon I'll be in your arms, we're I'll find happiness in

a love that has always been mine, but haven't been able to live it...

Not really a poem but It does explain a very few things of all the

obstacles that come with a long distance realtionship...

What do you think is gona be work this kind of relationship?
your comments are greatly appreciated..
thats all for now... :)

Now That Your Gone

It's been a years

since we broke up.

every single one of those days,

I felt as if something was missing something.

but i refused to accept it.

Now that your gone,

I miss You

and I wish you where here.

all I have left of you

is nothing but memories.

memories of all the good times we had.

Now that your gone


To The Uncertain Lover

The wound caused by thee

Is deeper than the sea

like a thunderstruck

made me insane at the start

Took me hours not only

To cure the bleeding inside me

The pain that caused my wailing

made me ask myself "why did

this happen?"

Do I have the right to ask

Why do hurt me so?

I don't need to hear from you

Your eyes expressed them so.

Monday, July 21, 2008

fOr LDR rELAtiONshipS

I'ts Going to be Different Now
It's going to be different nw
I'm not going to be around
I will never forget you
But sometimes you make me want to
I've fallen hard
And I've done all I can to prove to you
That I would always be there for you
But now I can't, and I hate it
It breaks my heart to think about it
How we will be so far apart
And that it has no effect on you
But it has a stabbing on me
There is no more I can do
There is no more I can say
I love you and I hope that one day
We will reunite and you will stay forever
-comments are greatly appreciated.. :)

past time of my brat sis

That is the tmgc of my brat sis but i don't know what kind of pet is that. She entrust to me her tmgc right now because our mom don't want to bring her tmgc at the school it only disturb her in class and the teacher will confiscate if she catch playing her tmgc.
Her tmgc is already 8 yrs old but we left it in the house yesterday it died.. huhuhu now we start all over again. she's back in 1 yr. old. Thats my new pet now, she's a girl and her name is maristella but i really don't know what kind of pet she is. hehehe :)

poems b4 going to bed

How Can I?
How can i stop these tears from falling?
How can i keep this heart from breaking?
How can i bear the pain of letting go?
When loving you is all I know.
How can i resist this feelings?
When it is for which my heart is beating
How can i mend this broken heart?
When you hold the biggest part
How can i stop this wailing and
cease my heart from dying?
When the love that i'm longing
is too far from coming
How can i let go,
To this love i know
When by saying goodbye
My heart will surely die.
It's just a poem.. I can't relate on that poem but i just want to write one before i go to sleep. hehehe my friend wrote that poem from broken hearted person like my friend.. sweet dreams to me.. thats all for now..

Sunday, July 20, 2008

our baby aimi

That's baby aimi our adapted child she go back to japan now with her real parents. I really miss that face, baby yachang thats what i call her. I miss her being "malambing" and her cute face. She's 1 year old right now. what we do on communicating baby aimi, by video call or on chatting and her mother sending us videos and pictures of aimi. Thanks there's now a hitech gadget its made us easy to communicate with our love ones. Here's some of her videos:

Saturday, July 19, 2008

my business in the future

I want to put up my own business someday. thats the biggest dream i want to pursue in my life. i don't want to be very rich i just want have enough money to help other people. here's my list of what kind of business i want:

  • Internet cafe ( thats the No.1 in my list thats what i really want. )
  • Restaurant / Food chain ( with a acoustic band.. i love to eat but i dont have a talent in cooking. )
  • Mini bar ( i want that too a billiard hall with a disco background a "uso-uso' music heheh)
  • or a coffee shop ( not really interested..)

I know that what ever business i have to put up, there's always an ups and down thats a package deal to a business you have to give your 100% attention and support.

As a Business Management graduate i already have a idea or a techniques on how to manage a business. and i've also been a attendant and a cashier in a internet cafe i have an experience on how to manage the internet cafe whats should do when your in trouble or i already knew whats the ups and down in a cafe and i'm good in dealing with people and i know how to satisfied the needs and wants of the customer.

So.. thats for now.. i hope i can pursue my dream in the future.

Friday, July 18, 2008


What happen to me at the boarding haus, i was lock at the terrace, i just trow the garbage there and get the map when the wind blows the door got lock and i was stuck up inside the terrace. I keep on knocking the door 'till somebody heard me, the carpenter the one who fixed the room upstair he keep on laughing at me he thought somebody knocking at the main door but he's wrong it's me who's keep on knocking. i just smiled at him and ashamed, then he said to me that he will fixed the door knob right after he finish fixing the room upstair, i answered him, you should change the door knob because its too old he replied i will ask the owner of the boarding haus whats your request, then i get inside in my room and start cleaning my room. i'm aware that the door of the terrace was broken and it happen to me twice. lesson i learned be on your mind always when your doing something. huhuhuhu

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

frUstratEd gUitArist

Me is a music lover. i love listening R&B songs and of course a love songs, i keep on trying on how to play a guitar. My mom bought me a guitar last two months ago but what ever i do i can't do it all by myself. My mother tried to teach me but still i cannot catch up what ever my mom said. I came on a point that i asked my self why i cannot do what they doin? My cousins are good in guitar and they have nice voice too. But me is nothing! huhuhu too bad! But i'ts ok. I know that i have an special talent too that i didnt discover yet. Am I right? hehehe live life to the fallest! thats all folks..

Monday, July 14, 2008

dAwn cAr aLArm

Early at dawn when i'm in the middle of my dream i was awake because i heard the alarm of our car, i thought there is a thief then our dogs are keep on barking, then my step father brought his gun outside, he knew thats there is no thief but his car alarm was broken, he fix it then after we go inside the house and i'm trying to go back in my sweet dreams. hehehe

Sunday, July 13, 2008


First and fore most i'm a new member of blog my cousin encourage me to have an account of the site so i can earn an extra income b'coz i dont have an stable job right now. i'm working as a key account specialist of a credit card and its only commission basis so i need this blog to have an extra income. i like on blogging b'coz u can write anything of what you think, whats on your mind, whats your ideas and opinion at the same time you can meet other people and you can encourage them on how to earn extra income. so blog now....

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