Wednesday, July 23, 2008

True Friendship By tExting

What is the meaning of true friendship? That's the one question i would like to be answered. I have a lot of friends, but not all of them i considered true friends beacause some of them are just for good times only, when i've got bad times before and i need them badly they left me alone and lonely. I realized that true friends are hard to find. Now i know true friendship has so many different definitions and yet so hard it to show. I knew that true friends, someone who will stand by you, who believes in you no matter what will happen. Who will lay there life on the line for you, the one who will help you in everything, to put a smile on your face everyday, someone who will support you always like what i'll always do with my friends even they left me alone and betrayed me once i stay kind to them but i can't give my 100% trust anymore.

A true friendship is really hard to find but once found its a truly precious gift that u'll received. We should hold on to it tightly with both hands and when sad, you will feel your spirits lift.

Now, two years ago i found my true friendship, I'm so blessed that i found her. She's the only one who'll understand me eventhough i'm stubborn sometimes, and moody she's always there to understand me. And she never leave me all alone. I really thank God for the wonderful gift and true friendship. She's my friend, my partner, my life now... hehehe

You can't believe us, we just met before through texting, after two weeks of texting we've met and then we became friends till now. Unbelievable right? but it's true. The hitech gadget called cellular phone is very helpfull to us it made life easy. isnt right? We can easy contact our love once through texting before we need to send by mail or at the post office, now its easy, if you have a load you can text anybody you want. hehehe NO HASSLE!!! We have to thank the person who invent cellulur phone. its really a useful gadget.


nahj12 said...

wow.. cute story.. wish you the best of love and luck.. :).. keep writing..

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