Wednesday, July 23, 2008

nArUtO GonE AgAin

I'm an avid fun of naruto. I really have fun on watching that anime but it's already gone in the t.v it change by a mexican show. i've got "bitin" again in the second time around. What i did is, i keep on searching on the side vendor to buy a cd of naruto that tagalog version but i really can't find one *sad*. I wan't tagalog version because naruto there is kind of naughty or a menace and he's *makulit* so funny. i want the figthing spirit of naruto and he believe that hw will become a hukage someday thats his dream that he want to be happen and of course his friendly person.

reversible of watching that anime my sis and my partner really hate if i've naruto. They can't relate the story thats what they said. But they stop me if naruto already i'm the boss i've got the remote of the t.v hehehe :). My brat sis always asking to buy another t.v so she don't have an rivalry on watching what ever she wants.

I wish i can find an dvd of naruto so i can watch all of his episodes. please! please! please!
bye.. bye.. for now....... thats all for now guys! have a blessed day :)


vinkoy said...

naa koy complete series ana madam pero english.. dugay nani sa ako pero hantod karon wala pa nko gi human og tanaw.. hehe

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