Monday, July 28, 2008

THE mEss

What happen is, on sat. afternoon after the tuitorial class of my brat sister they went to SM with my mom and step father then they called me up to go with them. We eat pizza thats our dinner. hehehe After eating we decided to go in see wall, when we were there, i see a couple doing nasty things inside of the car, the girl is so flirt. (i hate that kind of girl. ewww!!!) An hour ago, i felt like i wanted to pee but there's no comfort room their (what should i do?) i ask myself. I ask my stepfather if he has a cellophane? then he answered yes. I ask him again to give it to me because i really need to pee, then he ask me if where i'll be goin to pee? i answered him "at the car" and they keep on laughing at me and i'm ashamed because sombody heard them. huhuhu When i got the cellophane i'd open the car at the back seat and i pee, but what happened next is trouble my brat sis tried to open the door of the car i've shock, the urine scattered at the carpet and it smell badly, my step father get mad at me he said i'll be the one who'll clean my mess. When we arrive at home, what i did after changing clothes, i clean up my mess at the car. I thank God my mom bought a vacumn cleaner it helps me a lot it made my task easy. And its also useful by removing dust and germs in our house. It will made your task easy like what i did. So we are so thankful that this kind of product is already out in the market.


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