Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A cyber LOVE??

You make me cry

not because you hurt me

but because I'm so happy with you

yet you're not really here.

I love talking to you, yet I can't see you.

I love all those hugs and kisses you send me, Yet I can't feel them.

You make me feel loved and warm, yet you're not near or touching me.

Long distant love is what they call it, long distant pain is what I feel.

We've been together for a long time, Yet we really ain't together.

But soon it'll be over, soon I'll be in your arms, we're I'll find happiness in

a love that has always been mine, but haven't been able to live it...

Not really a poem but It does explain a very few things of all the

obstacles that come with a long distance realtionship...

What do you think is gona be work this kind of relationship?
your comments are greatly appreciated..
thats all for now... :)


nahj12 said...

open communication is the key. :)

renmai said...

yes.. i know that.. open communication is the key but how sure you are if your partner is sincere and honest with you? you can't see him / her. right? it's complicated.

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