Friday, July 25, 2008

nUtritiOnAL shAkE mix

My mom is getting older now, she's 52 of age right now and she's concious of her body because she's gettin' fat. She's afraid of, if my step father finds some one sexy, thinner and younger. So what she did right now, she's goin to the gym to become thinner and sexy hehehe. Aside from going to the gym she also drink this nutritional shake mix. This kind of product is great- tasting shake that provides an ideal balance of protein and nutrtition to help us satisfy our hunger and gave us a lasting energy. And its proven and tested. The first time i tried this shake mix it tasted ewww.... errrr... they blend the banana and shake mix chocolate flavor with no ice it tasted ewwwww.... but the second time around i tried again, this time its cold shake and its taste good. really!! hehehe For the result, for five months goin to the gym and 3 months drinking this shake mix my mom became thinner and she looks younger now. She looks around 30 of age. hehehe yeah its really true.

We all know that there's a lot of different product available in the market, were not really sure if its all effective to us or its good if we try that product. We should do is we'll make sure that product is truely good and effective and it should be advisable to consult a physician. OK foLks? hehehe have a great day... :)


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