Wednesday, July 23, 2008

THE prOxy

What happen is, since our helper in the house go away no one took her place of. My mom always moody because she's the one who'll wash the clothes and wash the dishes. She's always murmoring that she's tired already, her asthma might attack again. What i did is, every morning as i wake up i'm the one who wash the dishes that scattered around at the washstand. huh! after i'll mop the floor. *sigh* i've a feeling that my asthma might attack too, what will i afraid off my doctor gave me an maintanance for my asthma i will use my inhaler if i got a short breathing.

If everthing is clear now thats the time i can sit and relax i can do blogging no one will disturb me. hehehe but my grand father get mad at me, he cannot do calls because i'm using the telephone into internet. We don't have a connection to the internet here in our village so were just using dial up connection. What my grand father did is he waited for so long after i finished using the telephone he can do calls. hehehe i'm the boss!! *just joking*

I'm just hoping that my mother will appreciate my good deed and i hope she's on the mood so i can ask for a payment of what i did hehehe *just kidding* keep up the good work renmai.. :)


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