Saturday, July 19, 2008

my business in the future

I want to put up my own business someday. thats the biggest dream i want to pursue in my life. i don't want to be very rich i just want have enough money to help other people. here's my list of what kind of business i want:

  • Internet cafe ( thats the No.1 in my list thats what i really want. )
  • Restaurant / Food chain ( with a acoustic band.. i love to eat but i dont have a talent in cooking. )
  • Mini bar ( i want that too a billiard hall with a disco background a "uso-uso' music heheh)
  • or a coffee shop ( not really interested..)

I know that what ever business i have to put up, there's always an ups and down thats a package deal to a business you have to give your 100% attention and support.

As a Business Management graduate i already have a idea or a techniques on how to manage a business. and i've also been a attendant and a cashier in a internet cafe i have an experience on how to manage the internet cafe whats should do when your in trouble or i already knew whats the ups and down in a cafe and i'm good in dealing with people and i know how to satisfied the needs and wants of the customer.

So.. thats for now.. i hope i can pursue my dream in the future.


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