Wednesday, March 4, 2009

hArd dAy 4 ME

What i did. This day is hard day for me, know why? All by my self i washed dishes while watching aimi what she's doin if she'll not go up to chair, i'm afraid she'll might fell. After washing i map the floor for the reason not only dirty but there's many blood scattered on the floor because my grand father wounded by canned goods when he open it.

After cleaning the mess at the floor i fed aimi for her lunch. Our cute baby aimi is a little bit naugthy already despite of that we love her so much. She like to watched all the advertisement on t.v she'll not listen to you if advertisements is goin on. She like also to watched our favorite noon time show wowowee. If its started she'll dance and sing like of what the dancers did.

In this evening i had an headache cause by aimi she wont to sleep. I want her to sleep early so i can do blogging and finished earlier but she's keep on crying. What i did. i called up for an rescue, i ask a favor to my grand father to fell aimi to sleep and i'm lucky he did. So here i am now sitting into my couch and do blogging. hehehehe Tommorrow is another hard day for me. *sigh*



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