Saturday, March 7, 2009

King of pinOy RAP

The "king of pinoy rap" was born on October 4, 1964 that is francis Magalona also known as FrancisM. His Father was Pancho Magalona a very popular actor, while his mother was Tita Duran. Both of his parents are in showbiz.

Before Francis M discovered as king of rap he also introduced as a break dancer and became part of the first youth-oriented show That’s Entertainment. He also became one of the most sought-after actors. He also a variety show host.

But more than acting and hosting, Francis M or Kiko, to friends was known to be a seasoned rapper. The first album of Fracis M was released in 1990, his song contained several Filipino songs “Mga Kababayan". Majority of the themes of his songs are related to several issues the country is currently facing, such as peer pressure, patriotism, and drug addiction. His not only a writer or a rapper but he also produce some of his albums. This guy has lot of talents, his a good photographer, a painter and a rapper what a man.

But unexpected happened at age of 43 he was diagnosed on August 8, 2008 with leukemia and he was needed a blood donors. He undergo chemoteraphy for his treatment but after seven months of his treatment in this day he was died 12pm in the afternoon.

Now one of our idol passed away his in God hands now. wherever you are right now we wont forget you especialy your songs. Your music inspired US and will inspire also upcoming generations. Thank you for your music and memories.



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