Monday, March 2, 2009

Birthday of my mom

What happened. We celebrated the birthday of my mom she's 53 of age but she's look younger and sexy unlike of other moms there. hehehe no offense of some mother there. She was born Febuary 27,1956. Her name is Carolina C. Tabunag.

I'm so lucky for having a mother like her, the one who's understanding though nagger sometimes and loving mother what can i ask for? All i want is good health to her and stay beautiful and sexy mother. hehehehe

We took dinner with my aunt and some friends of my mom. We take her favorite food thats her request. After dinner they made chika of her friends and me and my sibling we went to kids play room to enjoy aimi. Then aimi got playmate there.

Thats it how we celebrate the birthday of my mom. Wish you more blessings and birthdays to come mom. I Love You Ma.. We love you...



Megryansmom said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!

redb1ker said...

Happy B-day to your Mom. Not to be disrespectful, she is sexy. She certainly doesn't look 50 something.

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday Mom -- she looks great!

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