Saturday, March 14, 2009

the best credit card

It's been a year when i resign for being agent of an credit card. Since my doctor advise me to quit from my job for the reason of it trigger my asthma for being in the field always. Where going offices in other places to sell our credit cards. As an agent we should be good in communicating skills by dealing to the customer on how to meet their needs and wants to make them satisfied.

Since i've knowledge about the credit cards my step father ask me a favor to have research to another credit card the one who has low interest rate, has high credit limits and has 0%balance transfer, the one that helpful to us. In my research i've discovered this one of a kind credit card. So i let my step father know about it.

When my step father already know about it he wants to read the articles first, about the balance transfer since he will transter all his balance to the new one. After reading the article and all the benifits to be earn he smiled at me and said he wants to apply on it. So i guide him how to apply online. Thats it!! My step father is using now his new credit card.



deejay said...

credit cards really a cause of headache among my co workers in the office right now. i hope if they go into this kind of investment they must have stable business and not just a plain worker. thanks for sharing anyway...

HOMER said...

Hayz my credit card had just been cutoff!! :(

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