Monday, March 2, 2009

belated happy valentines

What we did. On valentines day my parents dated first in the morning and lunch. Me and my sister stayed at home with our baby aimi. In afternon around 4pm my step father called me up to have a family dinner, were so happy on that moment.

We hasten fixing ourselves when were done we went to some mall here in davao and we took our dinner at antonio's grill. My aunt also join us because her sons are not here. After dinner we went to kids and play we leaved aimi there and my sis and I went to our favorite tambayan the worlds of fun. Were having fun playing computer games there and we won more tickets.

After having the fun we decided to go home and rest for the reason my parents will go to wet market.

Celebrating valentines day it's for lovers only It also for family. We should'nt waste time to tell our love ones, our parents, our friends and also our enemy that we love them because life is too short. We should love them not only in valentines day but everyday. Belated happy valentines to all of you guys.



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