Monday, March 9, 2009

You change my life (the movie)

What i did. Yesterday mom and my sis got home early so i ask a permission to go at mall. I want to watch a movie titled "you changed my life". I'm only the one who did'nt see it. Then my mom answered yes so i got hasten to fix myself.

When i got there the place is full. It is standing position. What i did, i've waited til someone will stand up. When i've got a seat i concentrate watch the story of the movie.

The story is nice compare to part one. In part two it has more "kilig moments" it's sad that i'm alone not like to other who's there, they're together with their partners others with their friends. :( But it's ok i stil enjoying watching the movie.

After watching movie i go home and i called up my partner and tell about the story of the movie i've watched. While telling the story to her she just listened up to me and she got "kilig" about it. She said she wants also to watch the movie if she got a chance. She wants to see her crush "John Lloyd Cruz" on the big screen.

One thing i've learned on the story of the movie. Don't be self centered and don't measure your love to your partner. It should be equal love no MORE no LESS so it can't be hard in your partner. And you should be understanding in every situation you belong and respect your partner. Base in my experienced before for me the important recipe in relationship is LOVE, TRUST, RESPECT and UNDERSTAND. And by doing it me and my partner been together almost three years right now although where miles apart we stil going strong. hehehe



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