Monday, March 9, 2009

hapi 900th days

On this day Monday is the exact date of our 900th days together. It's almost three years already and stil going strong. I'm very thankful she came into my life. she's my happiness. She's always there when i'm sad to cheer me up, when i'm down she's there to lift me up, to encourage me i can do it. And she always believes in me that i can do more things that i'm good than others.

Eventhough were apart right now i'll extend my arms to hug her and to greet her happy 900th days. Thank you for accepting and loving me for what i am and for whom am i. You never ask me to change you just let me to change. Thank you for the meaningful 900th days.

Though were apart i assure you nothing will change to us. Just trust me and i trust you. And i love you so much. hmmm... *sigh* i missed you so much if you only knew. I wish more days, monthsary's and anniversary's to come for us. tsup...



LIZZIE said...

This is so sweet.. Wishing you many many happy days together ahead!

Dori said...

Congratulations! :-)

Meryl said...

hi, congrats...more love this year and the coming years

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