Monday, March 9, 2009

bar b-que store

What happened, after attending holy mass i asked my step father to buy bar b-que for our viand in dinner. In the store someone come near to me asking where did i study before in college and i answered at UM then she said we got the same school. Then she introduced her self to me and i did the same thing. She said to me were schoolmates before but i did'nt recognize her.

In the middle of our conversation she ask me if i've got work or if i'm free in weekdays. I replied yes i'm very free i'm just stayed at home and she ask me what course i've taken before i answered Business Management. Then she wants to recommend me into her friend who're maneger in the company she did'nt promise but she'll do it. Then i'm amazed to her and i'm thankful if she really wants to help me to see a stable job.

After we talked she ask my mobile number and i gave it to her and i'll do the same thing. She'll just text me if she see her friend. Then we said goodbyes to each other.

I've wish i can find a stable job this year. I've lot want to do in my life. But even if i could find a stable job i wont leave my blog. I still continuing doing my task here in my blog. I've enjoy doing it.



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