Saturday, February 7, 2009

renmai in sun way lagoon / kuala lumpor

At the scream park

At the zoo

My sister cried because she forgot to bring her swimming attire.

In the swimming pool

In our hotel

The twin tower in kuala lumpor

All pictures you see above is all taken at sunway lagoon in kuala lumpor. I just shared it to you to see how we've enjoy the fun in our vacation last christmas and new year.

As you can see the picture of my sister that she looked sad because of so excited to go she forgot to brought her swim suit. She have nothing to do with that it's her fault not mine. hehehe We just stare at her and laugh.

Sunway lagoon is a nice place. You'll enjoy the scream park, the fun rides, the pool, the beach, the zoo, the 3d movie it's many to mention. You have many choices where you want to go and to do. And the price? it's all worth it. You wont regret i assure you that guys.

Next year where planning to go back at sunway lagoon. Hope my wish will be granted. heheheh



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