Saturday, February 7, 2009

renmai in sentosa / singapore

Oscar of song of the sea

At the water world

The dolphin show

The song of the sea

After the adventure at genting and sunway lagoon in Kuala lumpor we go back to Singapore and we'll go home here in the philippines. But we've a 3 days left so we decided to go in sentosa.

The pictures above is our last day adventure in our 2 weeks vacation. They have dolphin show, you'll see a talented dolphins and friendly. It's fun especially the finale it's called the song of the sea. It has a nice story.

The story is about a young man gifted with a cahrming voice, is singing by the sea with his friends. When he is stunned by the sudden vision of a beautiful sleeping girl, Princess Ami. Guided by a group of mischievous Sea Creatures, one of that is oscar, Li learns that she’s under the spell of an enchanted village.

At the end of the story Li, awake princess Ami by his charming voice. Princess ami thanked Li. And they continued singing and they all happy.

And this is the end of my adventure. Hope this summer another adventure will come.



My Bug Life said...

Spore's better right? Hehhe...been ages since I last visited Sentosa...I can't even remember! Thanks for the drop :)

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