Monday, October 13, 2008

What happened to entrecard?

I keep on thinking what happened to the entrecard? you guys? can you drop ec cards? When i try to log on in entrecard this message appeared.

Outage for a maximum of 2 hours until 7AM Boston time while we try and deal more conclusively to performance issues we are experiencing during high-load times. We apologize once again and hope this outage will be the last we need for some time.

Served from s02

It's almost 5 days already. I missed dropping cards. huhuhu

You guys, you experienced the same thing?


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I had several days of slow response on Entrecard and one day that I couldn't even log on. Patience. They will get it corrected in due time. :)

Gem said...

The outage had been frequent indeed. On some days my return drops had dipped low.

Mountain Woman said...

I've had some trouble with Entrecard being very slow but I've been able to log on.

Justin Germino said...

I am still having spotty issues with Entrcard

Cindy H said...

I had some loading problems on Sunday, I think it was...but I've been fine since. Sorry you're having such lengthy problems!

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