Thursday, October 16, 2008

cOLOrs dAt cOuLd bE wEAr

Yesterday, I visited my doctor for regular check up every month. After that i decided to pass by to the mall and play at arcade game. You'll see on the picture? I've won lots of token. really!!

Guys, do you have a belief in lucky color of the day? Or a colors that could be wear everyday? Before i don't believe that. But when i started to try what color to wear, it change. I know it's a crazy thing and i don't think if you've gona believe me but it happen.

First, last saturday i've wear black t-shirt because it's the lucky color on that day. Then my sister and i played at the arcade game and yet i've lots of token too. Then as what i've told you, I played yesterday and i've also won tokens, is this just a coincidence? or it's my lucky day? I played many times but i didn't won lots of tokens.

I will share to you what colors that could be wear everyday. It's up to you guys if you believe or not and if you'll try or not.


Monday: white, cream, green
Tuesday: red, pink, crimson, rose, purple
Wednesday: green, light grey, white, lemon and pink of light shades
Thursday: yellow, orange, purple, mauve, violet
Friday: blue, pink, navy blue, rose, scarlet
Saturday: blue, black, grey, brown, purple
Sunday: White and gold

Just try it guys, there's no harm on trying. And tell me about this guys. Is it true or not? Or i'm just crazy enough for believing of that lucky colors.



Ori said...

But wearing black when you're gloomy and wearing red when you're angry, I think that will worse the mood, no? :)

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