Friday, August 29, 2008

stressfull day

On our second day in manila is very stressfull. We wake up early and went at ocean park when we where there its not open so we take our breakfast at the near canteen. When our stomach is fool it's time for us to discover the adventure inside the park.When we get inside it's nice we saw different sea animals like fish, sea horse, crab spider, sharks and many more. I want to go back there when it's totaly done the place. After there we went to MOA and have lunch then after we can't decide what to do next. So my sister suggested that what if, we grant her wish to buy psp so we did, we grant the wish of my sister. We find one but it's too expensive it cost 15k unit only we explain to her we find another that cheaper than 15k and she undertand that 'til we became disperate to find a cheaper one so we decided to have shopping for 'pasalubong' to our some friends and relatives. After eating merienda we decided to go to makati at glorieta. when we arrive my sister find a psp and its cheap this time.
After searching psp all day long, now my sister has her own psp and she's very happy for that.
What a day! Before we back at the hotel we've got dinner first at buffet restaurant near side of glorieta after dinner went back to the hotel and got rest for another day again.. ciao


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