Saturday, August 30, 2008

my ducati

On our last day in manila. We wake up early to attend holy mass, luckily we found out there's a church near at place where we live. After the mass we went at MOA got shopping again it's our last day. Since my sister have already her want its time for us to buy for our own so i told my mother i want new shoes, it's new arrival of puma and i want to have it and i ask my step father to buy me 1 pair and he said yes! i'm so happy on that moment! hehehe i have a new shoes now. For my mom she buys everthing blouses, sandals, perfumes, pants and bags. Thats my mom!!
After shopping we went back at the hotel then we arrive at the airport. There, we got merienda while waiting the plane.
At home i'm so tired i want to rest, because at next day is back to school for my sister and back to business for my step father and back to work for me.. eheem!! just here at our house. hehehe thats all.. nothing more.. nothing less.... ciao


vinkoy said...

ren.. kabalo paka sa account nimo sa cbox ren? usaba daw og copy paste kay murag na edit to..

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