Saturday, July 4, 2009

A bored sAturdAy

What i did, As i arrived here in the office its general cleaning time. So what i did. First I've mop the floor, wipe the windows, the desk of my boss and mine. After cleaning the office, I'd sit in my couch and start blogging again, that's my new routine now. It's been 3 months when i stopped blogging.

As i sat into my couch, First i do my job, checking the expenses an so on. Then doing dropping in my ec account, i've been addicted in dropping before. hehehehe

After done everything it made me feel so bored. I'm just alone here in the office. My boss didn't come, no one to talk to. *sigh* I've play in my facebook account, I've watch naruto in but still im bored.

I want to go out now, I've plan myself to watch movie its either transformer and Villa strella a horror movie. Hope i can do my plan later. *sigh*



GraceMags said...

Sigh. I envy your Saturday sked. I always seem to be busy as in always. I need a big big break

Dorothy L said...

Hello...sometimes it is not a bad thing to be all alone with your thoughts. Instead of thinking that time with yourself is boring...start to really get to know you without any other may find yourself a fun person to hang out with :)

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vicy said...

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