Friday, October 3, 2008

oUr first advEntUre at crOcodiLE pArk

That is was our first time adventure at crocodile park. I can't believe we can go there because at first my step father did not agree to have adventure at park for the reason it's expensive and by that time he forgot to bring extra money. But my sister really want to go inside. There's nothing we can do but to pay the entrance fee and have fun. When we get inside first stop we went to the snake i forgot the name of the snake then we watched the tigers named shiva the female and datu the male tiger. After that we went to carlo the orangutan. His friendly but don't tease him.
After the show, the care takers allowed us to touched and take pictures to the animals so we grab that. It's my first time to carry and touch a snake. hehehe
After that, we went out to have some dinner. Then after we went home.


alex said...

the albino snake looks soooo awesome wow!

hey renmai thanks for changing my link!

Tey said...

this looks so diturbing.. A snake wrap around you... O h lord.. Thanks for the visit and dropping ECEster's Raptured Dreams
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chubz said...

went there too last month..the Pangil show was great...we got wet!!

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