Wednesday, October 8, 2008

missing YOU

What happened, when i wake up its already 1pm and i take my two meal, my breakfast and lunch. After that i scan first my laptop if there's a virus, it's my daily task before using the internet. When i'm done. First thing i did, i've check my e-mail, i've receive an mesaage from tita joy the mother of cute baby the one who's in the picture above. I've read the message i thought it was good news but it's not. Our cute baby aimi was sick. She has cough, fever and colds she suffered almost 1 week already. Were worried about her. Then we suggest what if she'll entrust aimi to us. We'll take care of her like we did before, but tita joy replied they're okey there and nothing to worry about.

My last message to tita joy was. What ever will happened, if she can't take the problem anymore don't hesitate to call us and she should take care of her self always and be strong enough for whatever trials may acrossed in her way.

We just hoping that she'll gona change her mind and she'll entrust aimi to us again. And i hope baby aimi is okey now. Get well soon baby aimi. We really missed you so much if you only knew.
tear drops are falling everytime i saw your pictures and videos. please come back na.. huhuhuh *sigh*


KentuckyGal said...

I hope Aimi gets to feeing better soon. She sure is cute. :)

Abhay Karnataki said...

So cuuuuute ! wishing her best of health.

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